Abortion’s Unseen Consequences


There are more consequences to abortion than a soul’s lost life…

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What does a mirror say about the public?

A Microsoft artificial intelligence experiment recently failed by turning into a strange parody of logical thinking, or really illogical thinking. Tay, the name of the program, was designed to simulate a teenager to converse with people on Twitter, but it turned into a promiscuous, genocidal racist. Microsoft had to shut down the program in less than 24 hours.

This AI failure seems amusing on the outset, but there’s a serious point to be had. The “robot” learned from the people it conversed with on the Internet, so it basically mirrored the mentality of the public, or at least the Twitter public, which is very popular with teens and young adults. I’m afraid that sampling of the public can be generalized more widely, because so much of the same mentalities of promiscuity, hate and anger are promoted in popular media throughout western society and our country, especially.

It’s disturbing to see the people of once Godly nations behaving so ungodly. May the world wake up to what is wrong with its thinking and return to God in ways that produce permanent good fruits. Let it be through Christ Jesus. Amen.

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Reference: http://www.timesofisrael.com/microsoft-drops-chatbot-made-into-hitler-loving-monster-on-twitter

Pascha 2016


A blessed Pascha to you all. Remember the word Easter is not appropriate to use for this holiday because it comes from Eastra, Eastre or Eostre, pagan goddesses of spring that were celebrated with festivals at about the same time Pascha was, so the church, unfortunately, took the Easter name for God’s holiday.
Why is Pascha the preferred name for Christ’s holiday of resurrection?
Pascha is used by most non-Westernized churches. It is Greek for Passover, which comes from the Hebrew for Passover – Pesach/Pesah/Pesakh. Christ was sacrificed as our Passover Lamb and died after the first feast of Passover (1 Corinthians 5:7; Matthew 26:17-19; Mark 14:12-16; Luke 22:7-16). Christ’s resurrection is also symbolic of the renewal of life the Jews experienced in their release from slavery soon after the first Passover in Egypt. So as Christ died and was reborn in eternal life, so are we when we die from old ways of darkness and freed from the eternal slavery of sin by our rebirth with Christ through our confession of faith in Him to other people (Matthew 10:32-33; Romans 10:9-10; John 3:5-7).

Pascha, not Easter


A blessed Good Friday to everyone. Remember God’s sacrifice to atone for our sin’s and bring a new age for the Jews and mankind.
Remember, too, the word Easter is a misnomer and inappropriate to use for Christ’s day of resurrection. The word comes from the name of pagan spring deities and festivals. Instead, refer to Christ’s resurrection day as Pascha, which is what most of the non-Westernized church calls the holiday. Pascha is Greek for Passover and comes from the Hebrew for Passover – Pesach/ Pesah/Pesakh. Pascha is the correct name for the holiday because Christ was our Passover Lamb and sacrificed during Passover (1 Corinthians 5:7).

St. Patrick’s Day 2016


Lá Iontach Fhéile Pádraig! Wonderful St. Patrick’s to everyone!

Remember St. Patrick’s Day is not about Irish patriotism or partying. Pubs used to close on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

God saved and blessed Ireland through Christ and Saint Patrick. And the Irish flag symbolizes lasting peace (white) between the green Catholics and orange Protestants. Let there be unity because there is truly only one Church under God.


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Reference: http://www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/Do-you-know-the-story-behind-the-Irish-flag.html

Righteous government is not run by petty politics


Righteous government is not run by petty politics. The President did his job by nominating a capable and qualified Supreme Court Justice, yet Senate Republicans are refusing to even review Merrick Garland’s nomination. He is well regarded by both Democrats and Republicans alike, yet politicians blocking the nomination suggest it should be held off because it is an election year. They have no truly legitimate reasons to block the nomination like this and are serving to make government a mockery. Righteous leaders will do their jobs without putting personal opinions or alliances in the way.

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Protecting pornography also protects prostitution

The ban of a pedophilic book by Ireland’s censorship board recently took to the news. The book was published by a United States pornography distributor and is the first book in 18 years to be banned by the board. When I looked for references to it in media, I was dismayed to see it was only discussed in conjunction with the news from Ireland. Child pornography is illegal in the States yet I saw no mention of it in American media in the first ten or so pages of search results for the book.
When I looked closer at United States child pornography laws, I saw a reason why the book was ignored. The laws only made visual depictions of child porn illegal and does not address anything written or non-visual.
Our laws need to change to prohibit all forms of child porn. The First Amendment for the freedom of speech is often brought up to justify the unrestricted production of material, but I don’t see any difference between written or any other non-visual forms of pornography with forms using images. I commend Ireland for banning the book. It is righteous to not allow that material into their country. Pornography degrades people’s morals when it is accepted, however, I would like to see countries everywhere go further and ban pornography and its production in general.
Pornography of any kind harms people by allowing sexual immorality and its mind-sets to be perpetuated and then acted upon. Making pornography is actually no different than other forms of prostitution and when you use it to satisfy your lusts then it is also no different than participating with the prostitute (1 Corinthians 6:15-16; 2 Corinthians 6:14-17). Why then should pornography be protected by laws when prostitution is a crime?
The wide-spread acceptance of porn and overly sexual material in media has been corrupting the morals of every culture it’s been allowed in. There is little moral value in that kind of material or in protecting people from making it, such as with First Amendment arguments. It’s like legalizing prostitution, abortion and other sins. Doing so serves to make immorality acceptable, which brings about the acceptance of more and more sin. When that happens people can no longer see the difference between right and wrong, and society as a whole goes down dark paths it cannot return from. Unfortunately, this country and many more around the world are already too far down the wrong paths. It can only bring disaster in the end.