Protecting pornography also protects prostitution

The ban of a pedophilic book by Ireland’s censorship board recently took to the news. The book was published by a United States pornography distributor and is the first book in 18 years to be banned by the board. When I looked for references to it in media, I was dismayed to see it was only discussed in conjunction with the news from Ireland. Child pornography is illegal in the States yet I saw no mention of it in American media in the first ten or so pages of search results for the book.
When I looked closer at United States child pornography laws, I saw a reason why the book was ignored. The laws only made visual depictions of child porn illegal and does not address anything written or non-visual.
Our laws need to change to prohibit all forms of child porn. The First Amendment for the freedom of speech is often brought up to justify the unrestricted production of material, but I don’t see any difference between written or any other non-visual forms of pornography with forms using images. I commend Ireland for banning the book. It is righteous to not allow that material into their country. Pornography degrades people’s morals when it is accepted, however, I would like to see countries everywhere go further and ban pornography and its production in general.
Pornography of any kind harms people by allowing sexual immorality and its mind-sets to be perpetuated and then acted upon. Making pornography is actually no different than other forms of prostitution and when you use it to satisfy your lusts then it is also no different than participating with the prostitute (1 Corinthians 6:15-16; 2 Corinthians 6:14-17). Why then should pornography be protected by laws when prostitution is a crime?
The wide-spread acceptance of porn and overly sexual material in media has been corrupting the morals of every culture it’s been allowed in. There is little moral value in that kind of material or in protecting people from making it, such as with First Amendment arguments. It’s like legalizing prostitution, abortion and other sins. Doing so serves to make immorality acceptable, which brings about the acceptance of more and more sin. When that happens people can no longer see the difference between right and wrong, and society as a whole goes down dark paths it cannot return from. Unfortunately, this country and many more around the world are already too far down the wrong paths. It can only bring disaster in the end.

Blind Clinging To Creed


Living merely by creed will destroy faith, not increase it.
The church often puts her doctrine above God when it should be the other way around.

“New Life – Eternal Life gives a youthful resiliency.
Think of My parable of the wine-skins. Those who merely worship Me as a creed are like unto old wine-skins. They cannot accept new truth, new life. It would destroy, not increase their faith.

Those who have My Gift of Eternal, youth-giving Life have the ever-expanding, revitalizing, joy-quality of that Life [from the rebirth of having My Spirit sealed in them]. The new wine poured so freely into new bottles. That bracing wine sustains the many who receive it.” (God At Eventide, March 8)

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Submit To Lawful Authority


The Apple Corporation is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement to unlock a suspected terrorist’s cell phone as well as devices in other cases. They claim it will set precedent that will affect their customers’ privacy. However, there is no problem with unlocking the devices. Law enforcement already unlocks and looks through criminals’ computers and other devices, and if you are a criminal suspect then your rights to privacy should be expected to be taken away. Apple is not being told to compromise all their customers’ security or privacy by cooperating with law enforcement. In fact, it is sin for them to refuse lawful authority when they have no valid grounds to resist (Romans 13:1-5). God put government and authority over us for the better good and we have an obligation to respect that, so if there are no issues of Godly authority or commands being violated then a righteous company or organization should submit to reasonable requests from authority.

9-11 Was No Government Conspiracy

U.S. currency printed in the 1990’s and guidance given to Jonathan Cahn, which he shared in his 2011 book, The Harbinger, show the great amount of control God has over our world. I’ve seen this minute detail in God’s control over things many, many times. He even wove it into our languages (see The Meaning Of Numbers:

Here, we see it in bills when they are folded into the structure of common paper airplanes. The pictures revealed on the folded bills give exact prophetic images of the airliner terror attacks on both the Twin Towers of New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. These bills were printed and designed many years before 9-11 in 2001, and the level of control is stunning as can be seen by the progression of images from small bill denominations to large. Some bills even have prophetic images on both sides as you can see in the photos below.

Some people thought there must have been a government conspiracy to produce the bills like that and carry out the 9-11 attacks, but there is no government conspiracy, and I don’t believe any humans have the skill to pull off such level of detail in the folded images. They correspond with actual photographs of the 9-11 attacks perfectly as you can see below.

Why would God do this? People could not understand why God allowed the 9-11 attacks to occur and the church often denied that a loving God would bring judgment, but the church often does not see God’s wholeness of character and forgets He is Judge of all. He brings both the good and the bad and created the light and the dark (1 Samuel 2:6-7; Isaiah 45:7; Lamentations 3:38; Job 12:23; Jeremiah 31:28). The 9-11 terror attacks and the financial disasters afterward were judgments on our nation, as well as warnings to turn around from sin and from denying God in our lives. That was revealed in Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Harbinger. It contained a lot of factual evidence of the truth with appropriate references. The evidence was presented in a fictional story, but we must look past that and see God’s fingerprint in the real world events and physical objects that were weaved in fine detail to tell us that our nation’s divine protection and blessings, like Israel’s, have come to an end because of its support for sin, like legalizing abortion and supporting homosexual civil unions, as well as our wrong focuses in life, like idolizing money and other material things and being too proud.

The reality of this state of affairs is disheartening, but Jonathan Cahn talked about further judgment being averted. These disasters were meant to wake up the nation and world, so that they would change their ways. If we can turn back unrighteous laws and bring back God and His ways into our lives as well as government, then this nation as well as others who follow in the same ways as the United States could avoid further judgment. May that be. Amen.

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A Cursed Church


The church is cursed for preaching the wrong things. Everyone who comes with a gospel that is not the True Gospel is cursed (Galatians 1:8-9). The Catholic Church, Mormon Church and others who worship Mary, angels, and the saints, and preach incorrect salvation in Christ or God are cursed to be blinded. That is why they’re given “reinforcement” to their beliefs, like miracles associated with the Virgin Mary. However, God did not send many of those apparitions of Mary and the way the church tests things is flawed. The enemy has real spiritual powers, too. They were once God’s angels and can work signs and wonders that are not from God (2 Thessalonians 2:9), so test all spirits correctly (1 John 4:1) and remember that angels or saints sent by God do not allow themselves to be worshipped (Revelation 22:9).

The True Gospel is based on the fulfillment of covenant. The New Covenant, like all of God’s conditional covenants, has terms to fulfill and keep – confess your belief in Jesus to another person and never deny that belief to anyone (Matthew 10:32-33; Romans 10:9-10). Faith alone is not enough to be saved into God’s Kingdom through Christ for you must be born again of God’s Spirit, which happens when we make our confession of faith in Jesus to another person (John 3:5-7; Matthew 10:32-33; Romans 10:9-10). Salvation by baptism or other acts is not the True Gospel.

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Valentine’s Day


God never wanted Saint Valentine or Valentine’s Day to be associated with romantic love or lovers. That connection is actually of the enemy, like the pushing of “Christmas” spirit and Easter celebration without God or Christ in them. It sets our focus on the wrong things.

There were many saints named Valentine and history records at least three of them being martyred on February 14th, however, the significance of their deaths on the same day has nothing to do with romantic or worldly love. There is significance to the meaning of the number 214 or 2-14, though. It refers to the final promised return of Christ at the end of this age¹, so if anything should be done on the 14th of February, it should be a remembrance of Jesus’ promises that the saints died for.

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