The wrong kind of pride is destroying our future


When facts supporting the immorality of abortion were given, someone sarcastically commented on the hundreds upon hundreds of adoptions being made to save those unwanted babies. There were millions upon millions of abortions performed since the United States legalized it, averaging over 1.3 million a year since 1973. After all, how could so many babies be adopted?
That isn’t the point. It’s society’s lack of accountability, self-control, and morals that are creating so many unwanted babies in the first place. The immorality of murder is justified in the name of personal freedom. Loose sexual morals and lust promoted by popular culture, and the absence of self-control, proper education and discipline of our children are promoting promiscuity that is creating all these unwanted babies.
So when serious moral consequences of abortion are given, criticism on what to do with all the babies is given instead of the realization that the causes of this problem are society’s exchange of the moral for the immoral. Pride in thinking that nothing wrong was done is blinding society. It does not want to see its wrongs and that lack of accountability will destroy our nations.

Hold Out

“I remembered my songs in the night. My heart mused and my spirit inquired…” (Psalm 77:6)

This morning I drifted into full alertness at 4 am after a night of tossing in the humid summer air. Being alert that early is not normal for me, believe me. I was never a morning person, but today something struck me as I lay there listening to the music I left playing all night.

Celtic Woman’s “Send Me A Song” was playing and the lyrics start: Take the wave now and know that you’re free. Turn your back on the land, face the sea. Face the wind now, so wild and so strong. When you think of me, wave to me and send me a song…

As I listened, I thought about relationships and finding that perfect someone. Sometimes when relationships end, you wonder why it was so hard and it didn’t work out. You had to let go, and then you’re left facing the sea again, and it doesn’t feel calm but so wild and strong like in the song. It looks scary, and you’re not sure if you want to go out and face it again.

In that moment, I realized that God made our hearts to love Him because how could we love someone we’ve never seen in person, hugged, or snapped a photo with? How can our hearts yearn to be with our Heavenly Father? Yet we do.

In a relationship with Christ, we want to be with Him, share everything with Him – our thoughts, our dreams, our problems – and do everything that we do with any other person that we share life with. Who would want to be with someone if they didn’t love them?

Then I realized God also made our hearts to love each other in the same way and there’s different kinds of love – brotherly love, motherly love, fatherly love, sisterly love – but also there’s that love for a soul mate that’s like our love for the Lord. We yearn for it in our hearts, for that someone whose heart complements our own in that wonderful pattern of indescribable harmony and unity.

I realized then that God made us all and predetermined our desires as much as our gifts and abilities. We’re predestined for more than stations in life and accomplishments, so it’s best not to rush off into marriage whenever you feel that flood of emotions with someone you think is perfect for you.

No. Hold out for your true soul mate, because we’re all tested and tempted in relationships and dating. Our physical reactions can make almost any mate feel like a soul mate in the moment, but it takes time to test that. Give your relationships that time and give them to God. Ask Him to bring the right people into your life and to tell you if you should stay in or leave relationships. Give God time as well, because true destiny can take a long time to achieve, and even though He predetermined many things about our lives, we do have free will and can go against God’s plans for us, especially when we get that stubbornness in our ga-ga-googly-eye moments to run after someone who attracts our attention but will only end up leaving or even harming us in the long run.

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