Abandoning DACA Abandons Humanity

Abandoning DACA shows the morality of our leaders and government is lost to selfish partisan division and general paranoia. Will exporting nearly a million screened children and young adults so severely risk our national security or local prosperity that we abandon ethics to help our fellow man and future generations?


The wrong kind of pride is destroying our future


When facts supporting the immorality of abortion were given, someone sarcastically commented on the hundreds upon hundreds of adoptions being made to save those unwanted babies. There were millions upon millions of abortions performed since the United States legalized it, averaging over 1.3 million a year since 1973. After all, how could so many babies be adopted?
That isn’t the point. It’s society’s lack of accountability, self-control, and morals that are creating so many unwanted babies in the first place. The immorality of murder is justified in the name of personal freedom. Loose sexual morals and lust promoted by popular culture, and the absence of self-control, proper education and discipline of our children are promoting promiscuity that is creating all these unwanted babies.
So when serious moral consequences of abortion are given, criticism on what to do with all the babies is given instead of the realization that the causes of this problem are society’s exchange of the moral for the immoral. Pride in thinking that nothing wrong was done is blinding society. It does not want to see its wrongs and that lack of accountability will destroy our nations.

Allegiance to division always hinders


Political parties, denominations, social castes, sects, and factions don’t serve the greater good when they work blindly to rigidly follow their group’s agendas. It undermines government and leadership and creates strife and endless arguing. Progress is swiftest when the gears of government and society do not constantly work against one another.
I’ve seen members of political parties plan to oppose leaders even before the leader is elected into power. I’ve seen them refuse to do their jobs correctly because they simply want to oppose the leader in power. I’ve seen voters continue to support their political group’s lines even when a candidate is obviously inappropriate for the job. How does this make for good government and leadership?
Leaders and citizens alike need to view things on a larger scale to achieve what is best for all. We need a God-centric view so we understand and act on issues without prejudice. Leave divisions behind. Leave sore feelings made by disagreements behind. Leave biased judgment based on loyalty to a group behind.
Instead, judge righteous and understand God’s will for the situation. Even God’s chosen can go astray if they do not understand what He wants (Numbers 15:44-45; Acts 9:1-3;21:4-14).

St. Patrick’s Day 2016


Lá Iontach Fhéile Pádraig! Wonderful St. Patrick’s to everyone!

Remember St. Patrick’s Day is not about Irish patriotism or partying. Pubs used to close on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

God saved and blessed Ireland through Christ and Saint Patrick. And the Irish flag symbolizes lasting peace (white) between the green Catholics and orange Protestants. Let there be unity because there is truly only one Church under God.


Ministry information at http://3rdCompass.org

Reference: http://www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/Do-you-know-the-story-behind-the-Irish-flag.html

Righteous government is not run by petty politics


Righteous government is not run by petty politics. The President did his job by nominating a capable and qualified Supreme Court Justice, yet Senate Republicans are refusing to even review Merrick Garland’s nomination. He is well regarded by both Democrats and Republicans alike, yet politicians blocking the nomination suggest it should be held off because it is an election year. They have no truly legitimate reasons to block the nomination like this and are serving to make government a mockery. Righteous leaders will do their jobs without putting personal opinions or alliances in the way.

Ministry information at http://3rdCompass.org