Romance in MN – Good or Bad?

The other day I saw on the local news that Google reported the most searched relationship question in Minnesota was “how to break up.” Doesn’t sound great for us Minnesotans, does it? BUT…  Romance in MN – Good or Bad?


Abortionist Single-Mindedness Kills One-Fifth of the World’s Population

After Ireland’s large ‘Yes’ turnout of voting to repeal the Eighth Amendment that gives unborn children equal rights to life as that of the mother, I noticed the following article on Irish Central stating how the No side’s “disturbing posters” showed a “complete lack of empathy for women” (see screen snapshot highlighted text) yet showed a ‘No’ poster stating that “97% of abortions are on healthy babies” (highlighted with green frame in snapshot). Niall O’Dowd, the article’s author, and the politician he quoted probably did not realize the complete lack of empathy their position has for babies.


One of the major complaints the Pro-Choice side had for the Eighth Amendment was that it made it difficult to get an abortion in the case of a terminally ill fetus, which could kill the mother if it was not aborted. They cited some cases where women suffered psychological trauma or stress trying to get an abortion to terminate a baby that they thought would die.

However, most abortions are not done to save the life of the mother. The 97% healthy baby statistic is true and likely comes from a survey called, “An Overview of Abortion in the United States” (2001), done by the Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health and the Alan Guttmacher Institute [1].

The statistic was 3% for the choice of “Unborn child has possible health problems” as the reason for why women chose to have an abortion. The wording of that choice makes it clear that the baby only has possible health problems and may not be terminally ill. A more recent statistic (c. 2012) puts the rate at less than 1% of abortions are performed to save the life of the mother [1].

In my conversations and research with Pro-Choice people, I’ve found they often cite rare extreme cases and use sensationalist attitudes, especially for the right to freedom/freewill or the right to be in charge of one’s own body. These kinds of viewpoints obviously neglect to give sufficient right of life to the unborn child.

I’m also dismayed to see many people talk about the right to choose abortion as an issue of men controlling women or that of the church controlling women. These kinds of viewpoints also ignore the value of an unborn child and seem to be excessive expressions of freewill and anger against men, religion, or being controlled in general.

Most Pro-Choice arguments I’ve seen exaggerate the need to make abortions legal by citing extreme rare cases and by using viewpoints that ignore the fact that an unborn child is a living person that should be given the same regard for livelihood as the mother is given.

Even if we include stats from the 2001 survey to include cases where the mother has health problems that endanger the pregnancy, the number of babies aborted for other reasons is 94%. That is still 94% of abortions being performed on healthy babies.

Why is it the world cannot or chooses not to see the immorality of killing healthy children? If we put the 94% on the 1.72 billion estimated number of abortions done worldwide since America legalized it in 1973 [2], that is about 1.6 billion healthy babies terminated. That is 22% of the estimated world population today of 7.2 billion – over one-fifth of the world population.

If some kind of public crisis was killing over one-fifth of the population in less than two generations (I used an average of 25 years for a generation), there would be no question from anyone that something needs to be done to fix the problem. Instead, people keep arguing over lesser issues, like personal freedom or perceived fears for oneself or one’s standard of life, without giving enough consideration to the future of living, healthy children. It seems that unborn children being out of sight also makes them out of mind.

Another cause for concern is the large number of people who returned to Ireland from abroad and the number of young people rallying to repeal the Eighth Amendment. The dedication to vote is not the problem. It is the very fervent wish to do away with a commonsense law protecting life, so that Ireland can move towards making abortions easily available that is concerning. People have let rare cases sensationalized by media and very outspoken people feed fears of losing personal liberties or even their lives if abortion isn’t allowed.

Some fears are real, such as in the account of a pregnant Irish widow with health problems that made it risky to have a baby [3]. She thought she would not live through it. That fear and the fear of leaving her existing children without a parent made her seek an abortion. It was denied because her life was not at immediate risk. However, she ended up delivering a healthy daughter with the help of doctors after a very difficult delivery.

Afterwards, she still said she would terminate the baby if she had the choice to do it again, because it was a very difficult ordeal she didn’t want others to go through. I wonder in some years’ time after her new child grows up, will she still think that aborting her would have been the right choice? I’ve heard from more than one person who survived an abortion. They are grateful to be alive, and I’m sure the widow’s daughter will express the same attitude for having life.

Many people have very difficult, life threatening pregnancies and deliveries. I wouldn’t allow abortion freely just because people fear dying or going through something difficult. You cannot know the outcome and betting a child’s life to try and ensure your survival isn’t the right choice in my mind.

As a parent and having heard from many parents, I would give my life so my children would live. And as a person of faith I would give all my difficulties to God and trust Him to bring me through and take care of my family if I do die. All I need to do is pray with faith and ask for God’s help. This is how many miracles happen, though I have also seen God take care of me and other people before we came to faith.

If you don’t have faith, then consider again the choice of saving your life or your child’s. Most of the time we don’t have to think about this because the number of at-risk pregnancies is low if we remember the percentage of abortions being performed for health reasons [1]. But if something happens, then what is wrong with trying to save both the mother and child? In the case of medical emergencies, physicians will do their best to preserve both lives, so let them try their best.

Even under restrictive abortion laws, such as Ireland’s, an abortion may still be needed to save a mother’s life [1]. Ireland’s Eighth Amendment stated both the mother and child have equal right to life [4], so if the baby cannot be saved, doctors would try to save the mother’s life and vice versa. Abortions to save a mother’s life are rarely needed, but they were and are still allowed by the government. Then why keep pushing to make abortions easy?

The original vote to enact Ireland’s Eight Amendment was 67% yes and 33% no [4]. This year’s vote to repeal it saw the numbers almost exactly reversed [5]. What has changed since 1983? I’m afraid Ireland, especially its youth, has fallen in with the rest of the world’s views that greatly exaggerate personal freedom over what is moral.

People are blinded by the skewed claims of abortionists. The right to freedom or freewill, for example. I’ve even heard some Christians side for Pro-Choice because God gives us freewill. However, having freewill never gave anyone the right to do what is wrong. It’s obvious people think that killing unborn children is ok since they enthusiastically choose to support that over protecting life. God didn’t give us freewill so that we could do wrong. He wants us to be able to see what is right and choose it.

Other abortionists claim that legalizing abortions will decrease it. However, you can’t overlook the huge number of abortions being performed since America legalized it. The numbers are tracked by the government and other agencies so you can’t dismiss them as exaggerations [6]. The numbers are likely underreported as well, and the Guttmacher Institute also states that only a small proportion of abortions are done in the United States [7].

Legalizing abortion does make it safer since the death rate of mothers for abortions was lowered considerably after America legalized it, and it is lower in countries where it is legal [7]. Countries with highly restrictive abortion laws don’t always lower abortion rates either [7], but that just means there are more unwanted pregnancies in those countries.

These arguments for legalizing abortion overlook why there is a demand for so many abortions. It’s because there are so many unwanted pregnancies. That points to the root of society’s problem – overrunning lust coming from the widespread acceptance and promotion of liberal sex, sexual imagery and pornography. If the world wasn’t so focused on having sex, there would be far less unwanted pregnancies and therefore far less abortions.

The world needs to see things very differently if it’s going to become the civilized and enlightened humanity it claims to be.



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Isn’t a child’s music as important as yours?

Ireland is voting on the 25th to repeal legislation that makes a baby’s life equal to that of the mother’s. The Eighth Amendment as it’s called is moral common sense, but like many other countries swayed by the overemphasis of personal freedom and fear, Ireland is being pressured to remove the Eighth Amendment so legislation can be made to further legalize abortion. When did children ever become so marginalized that the world thinks their lives can be cut off with no chance to make their own life’s music?

Ireland, Vote No to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

Ireland’s Eighth Amendment Repeal Vote

I’ve heard more than one survivor of abortion talk about how grateful they are to have lived. Claire Culwell in the following Irish Central article found out she survived and it inspired her to go to Ireland and speak against the coming vote to make abortions available. I hope the Irish retain their commitment to what is right in valuing life and that our country comes back to what it used to value too.

Claire acknowledges that people will get abortions whether it is legal or not. She says we need to provide good alternatives. I think that is good, but we also need to reform our societies’ mentality to take sex so casually and so lustfully. That is the root of unwanted pregnancies. So if we should value our children and future generations we should also value ourselves and each other. Our families need to promote and support that.

I grew in an America where pre-teen pregnancies and sex abuse were far too common. If people valued each other and themselves enough to withhold sex and stop chasing it or forcing it, then unwanted pregnancies would be rare instead of common, and there would be no need to abort millions of children or have thousands grow up wanting a family in orphanages.

The Dark Eyes of Unhealthy Obsessions


There has been a lot of interest in playing video games on cell phones and other mobile devices in recent years. One of the most recent gaming obsessions is Pokemon Go. People go to public places and linger for hours staring at their cell phones as they play the game. Some people get completely obsessed with playing it, much like people get obsessed any addiction. It would consume all their free time and money.

These obsessions can become addictions that control people’s lives if they don’t keep their behavior in check. I’ve seen these addictions come from video games, Internet chatting, and even hobbies and leisure activities, like motorcycling.

The addictions can destroy a person’s life just like chemical addictions to alcohol or drugs. If we allow these material things to control our lives, our spiritual eyes quickly dim and we can be in danger of becoming blind to things that are much more important, such as spending time with people and doing activities that bare worthwhile fruits.

“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matthew 6:22-23)

God demonstrated these concepts to a teen who was spending too much time playing video games, like Pokemon Go. The photo above shows a “God’s Eye” he made during a summer camp. I noted how he had the green and blue yarn inside and the black yarn covered almost everything. From symbolism I learned about God’s guidance, I knew green stood for Life and blue stood for the Holy Spirit or the Waters of God’s Spirit.

We are supposed to live by God’s Spirit (the blue yarn) and walk by the Spirit (Galatians 5:16-25), which is to live by God’s guidance for us, as well as, letting the Holy Spirit in us control us. Doing so gives us Life (the green yarn) instead of death because then we will conduct our lives towards righteousness instead of sin. It brings blessings instead of curses.

However, when our eyes become dark we become blind to doing what is right (the black yarn) and will walk life by the flesh and in sin, which brings death, because the things God wants us to do and understand are blocked by the darkness in our eyes (the black yarn).

When I told the teen how his God’s Eye reflected his attitudes and priorities and that it was God’s way of telling him to change his dark eyes, he was dumbfounded, even scared that God could control him and speak in such a way.

But I’ve seen the Lord speak in ways like this before – controlling works, like art and music and especially Scripture, in detailed ways to speak a message. If the world would see how dark their eyes have become, how much more bright life would we enjoy.


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